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Heroes of the past unite, one quest completed, one knight saved

Tonight was quest night at the house. three noble heroes, Sangjia the great wizard of death, Anthony the noble elf of smiting orcs, Logain the brutal barbarian, and Borlog the annihilator of zargon's minnions, journeyed deep into the labryinth of Ulag, the Orc Warlord. The quest was simple, to ride to the aid of Sir Ragnor, the Emperor's most powerful knight.

The heroes split into two teams of two, The Units were Logain and Sangjia while Anthony and Borlog decided to forget their special difference and ride together in the name of all that is good and kick ass. These valiant warriors of the light searched each hallway and room top to bottem in order to find the emperor's most highly respected knight. Darting between doors, slaying the orcs, femurs, and goblins that tried to prevent the phalanx's objective, the heroes swore they would fight till the bitter end. In the end it was Logain the brutal barbarian and Sangjia the great wizard of death who came across Sir Ragnor locked up in a cell deep in the dungeon. Quickly trying to free the knight, the heroes heard and alarm sound. Soon every creature of the dark knew what was happening and where the defenders of light were. Soon after, Logain realized he was being surrounded by orcs and goblins and all the other monsters of impending doom. Seeing the danger, Sangjia casted two helpful spells for the events that were sure to follow.

Meanwhile, Borlog and Anthony were astounded by the alarm as well. Knowing what was most likely going on, the dynamic duo raced to the aid of their comrads only to be blocked by even more bringers of Zargon's doom. Reacting quickly, the elf and the dwarf quickly smited the weakly minnions of evil clearing the path for Logain and Sangjia.

Logain fought long and hard with the crappy ass soldier of evil until they all died. Sir Ragnor was saved and all was well in the realm of kick ass mutha fuckaz.


In the end, it was the heroes of the light that prevailed. They delivered Sir Ragnor Safely back to his majesty and proceded to party all fuckin night.
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